Let me extend a warm welcome to you, dear reader. Thank you for taking the time to peruse this site. Hopefully you will find it both informative and enjoyable. You may be asking the question, “Why a website about general relativity”?

The purpose of this site, you see, is two-pronged. It is for your learning and mine. General Relativity was glossed over during my undergraduate years. It is my goal to take knowledge I have recently acquired, and help bring the basics of Einstein’s wonderful theory to a more accessible level. So, buckle up, and let’s learn some stuff!



You may have a poster of Einstein on your wall and volumes of books about him on your shelves. But if not here is a brief introduction to the history behind this fabulous work.

“Beautiful, simple, and profound”, Neil deGrasse Tyson says at the end of the video. True words indeed, but we will have to slog through some mathematics and theory to understand Einstein’s thinking.


What General Relativity Tell Us

  1. Space and Time are not separate entities, in fact they are part of something called Space-Time, and exist as a manifold (more on that later). As such, space and time can transform into one another!
  2. Gravity is not a force at all, but is a manifestation of curved Space-Time.
  3. Space-Time can have ripples (which was recently verified by the LIGO experiment).
  4. Equivalence Principle: phenomena observed due to acceleration look no different than phenomena caused by gravity.
  5. Time does not flow the same for everyone. A person near a source of gravitation will experience a slower passage of time than for someone farther from said gravity.

These are just some of the exciting revelations that General Relativity has brought us! It is my goal to cover each one, and much more!